Brief timeline of Anchor Hocking

1905 - Isaac J. Collins and six friends had the dream of buying the Lancaster Carbon Company with $8,000. Proved not to be enough, so Mr. E. B. Good stepped in with a cheque of $17,000 and necessary resources to get the Hocking Glass Company going, named after the close by river.

1924 - rebuilt after a tragic fire

1937 - Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation was born out of a merger between Anchor Cap, Closure Corporation and its subsidiaries with Hocking Glass Company.

1950 - established a Research and Development Centre

1959 - built a new facility

1962 - built a new glass container plant

1963 - took on a subsidiary

1968- entered the plastic market

1969- dropped “Glass” from their name

1970 - purchased the Phoenix Glass Company to enter the lighting field and purchased Taylor, Smith & Taylor

1978 - purchased Shenango China

1981 - Taylor, Smith & Taylor was sold

1983 - company's to divest its interest in the Glass Container Division to an affiliate of the Wesray Corporation.

1987 - Anchor Hocking Corporation acquired byThe Newell Corporation

2006 - filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and the Anchor Hocking assets were sold to a unit of Monomoy Capital Partners

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