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Ingber & Co. was founded in Philadelphia in 1903 by a father and his two young sons, Issac and David Ingber. They had a sixty three year run, closing the company in 1966. From the few articles I could find on this company, they claim that Ingber & Co was the quintessential American Dream of building a successful family-run business through hard work.

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Primarily they manufactured their bags with soft leather, felt, velvet, satin, sand "Pigtex," which provides a pig skin finish. They even famously had one of their carpet bag designs featured in the movie Around the World in 80 Days.

An interesting plot twist took place in May of 1956 when the youngest brother Nathan, who has not been cited as having anything to do with the company, filed a lawsuit against his two older brothers to "have his rights established as an equal partner in the company". Nathan was only three when the company formed and was never given an equal share, but he worked for the company for more than 30 years. Although confronting his brothers over the years in regards to his "proprietary interest" in the family business, David and Issac never agreed. At trial during cross-examination they attempted to make Nathan appear incapable of decision making when it came to the company. The judge didn't buy this and sided with Nathan, telling the three bothers that they needed to come to a settlement. In short, a figure of $65,000 was agreed upon.

Advertisement from 1948. Image found:

The gold Ingber & Co. clutch can be purchased here in Found.

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