Norleans Stoneware

"Norleans was a line of porcelain china and glass products started in 1949 by United China and Glass Company. United China and Glass was founded in 1850 in New Orleans and began trading with Japan in 1932, though this was suspended during World War II. Norleans was part of the revival of that trade after the war. Norleans’ products at least in the 1950s were mainly dinnerware products manufactured by Meito China, a Japanese manufacturer. United China and Glass was sold to Sammons Enterprises, a holding company, in 1962. Norleans continued to exist in some capacity, but it’s possible it simply became an importer. The Norleans trademark expired in 1992."

The plate featured in this post can be found and bought from Found.


**Finding information on this company was difficult. These words have been directly taken from the following two sources.

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